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Resending: Flying Dream This Thursday

published10 months ago
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Hello to you, Reader,

As is always true, we hope you are doing marvelously.

Here in Virginia, the seasons have changed and autumn has brought with it a full spectrum of experience and color change, falling leaves, ripe apples, and a multitude of memories and fears, old ones and new.

The dichotomy of wanting to go inward and prepare for the cold and at the same time wanting to spend all my time outside dodging acorns, pine cones, smoke from fires, and whatever else might be releasing to its next iteration, is a very fall experience to me. The dry wind turning everything over, the distinct smells of rotting leaves and apples, and the crisp bright sun kissing our faces in shorter and shorter spurts, I’ll take what I can get and I am deeply grateful for it. But also Winter terrifies me.

We have spent 15 years without a place to make fire in our home and it has caught up to me how challenging it is to live in a cold place without stoking the home fires. What do I do all winter long besides hold on for dear life??? I wonder what this winter will bring. Perhaps I’ll learn to fly.

What do you do to prepare for winter? What are your happy winter things to do?

Today! We released our song, Flying Dream.

Flying Dream was born from an important question (“how does it feel to feel good?”) asked at a turning point time for us.

It is a surprisingly difficult question for me to answer and requires me to get present to myself in a very real way. And the answer changes. The sensations and their stories, the picture ideas, the words I want to use - it’s a moment to moment inquiry, “how does it feel to feel good?”.

Right now feeling good feels like somebody’s got my back. If I fall on my ass, someone will check in on me and laugh with me about it. Feeling good feels like I am free to be me - unapologetically. Like the universe really does “have” me and everything really is okay.

But I’ll be honest, feeling good is not a place I tend to live my life from. Life goals here. Unapologetically me? Working on it. Feeling good like the universe has me? Sometimes. In spurts. Like the sun behind clouds on a windy day.

Mostly I am anxious about winter and want to curl up into a deep slumber and not concern myself with anything until spring. But that’s not how our human bodies operate. We must continue to wake and eat and drink and be merry.

Kids seem to be able to help with having fun. Especially when they feel loved and appreciated. The little kid inside each of us and the ones we may be lucky enough to be around from the outside. Love and appreciation for the little kid inside? Working on it.

So here’s to a flying dream.

To having a sense of what has been deemed impossible showing up as reality / as truly possible. To the felt sense of having something we yearn for but don’t know how to attain. To being in a place of knowing without weakening the experience by trying to make sense of it with our intellect. Sitting /resting/ being in our knowing. It is possible. Our dreams are possible.

Here’s to our flying dreams - yours, mine, ours.

All the best,

Red Flower Lake